Thursday, 16 December 2010

Help for the Elderly

In a recent blog you will have seen that we are setting up a program to care for some of the elderly residents in the Colony area. Adina and the volunteers have met, the planning has been done and the program has now started.
Several of the beneficiaries came to the centre to receive clothes that had been donated. They will be invited to the centre for some Christmas activities when they will also receive a shoe box gift sent out by Link Romania UK.

A big Thank you to all our supporters who answered our Christmas appeal. We have the funds we needed and the 20 elderly people on our program will now receive a much needed food parcel of essential items this Christmas.

Due to all the support and the efforts of the staff and volunteers in Romania these poor people will have a much happier Christmas than they could have expected.

Visit to The Social Centre of Lonea

The Children at the Colony Community Centre have visited the elderly people who go to the Social Centre in Lonea. This is the third year of visiting and their 5th visit. The children take gifts of home made cards and fruit and entertain the elderly people with songs and poems.
This little project has meant a lot to the elderly people and the children have said how much they enjoy it too. It is a real community building event.